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March 20 2017


Frontistiria Thessaloniki

Frontistiria Thessaloniki 

Over the final sixteen a long time in secondary education and learning schools elix put together our students for national examinations responsibly and constantly. Frontistiria Thessaloniki kentro At the main of our philosophy is the idea that students look for:
1 the introduction for their decision school
2 the opportunity to make good studies
3 specialist way and advancement

All of this calls for information, skills and capabilities cultivated early. Line consequently with all the requirements and needs of recent activities, the colleges strand designed an progressive instructional motion method strengthens and prepares every college student for optimum overall performance on national tests and thereafter, the student and specialist job. mesis22ekpaideusis/frontistiria-thessaloniki-fa204b27fd28#.3vejrhwi9">Frontistiria Thessaloniki kentro In secondary schooling Colleges Elix, combining verified coaching techniques with modern day ways of finding out, our vision is to promote educational innovation, enriching the learning encounter and also the advancement of built-in personalities capable of assembly the ever rising calls for of contemporary modern society.

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